A/W Trends – Capes

Our A/W Trend Series is continuing to focus on cover-ups (because let’s face it, this is Ireland and we could do with all the covering up we can get!), and this time, we’re looking at capes. I have to admit, I used to HATE capes. I just did not get it…they have no sleeves, they’re […]

Simple Fake Lashes

Fake lashes used to be the bane of my life when it came to make-up. I love the thick, voluminous look that falsies give to my lashes, but I could never get them on right. One would always go on fine, while the other would be arseways, hanging off or lopsided…and it drove me mad. […]

A/W Trends – Sleeveless Cover-ups

The unpredictable Irish weather is a common topic of conversation. We’re always talking about it! Not surprising when you can literally experience four seasons in any one day. It’s pretty fair to say that the weather definitely affects our wardrobe choice here at The Dupe Diaries, and probably for many of you also. Claire and […]

A/W Trends – Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a staple in my wardrobe, pretty much all year round. At last count, I owned in the region of 10 pairs but my collection continues to grow, much to the horror/amusement of my boyfriend (“Why do you need so many pairs…how many pairs of feet do you have?!”)!   They’re the perfect […]