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Welcome to The Dupe Diaries! We’re Sara (on the right!) and Claire (left), cousins that share an unashamed addiction to all things beauty. You name it; we’ve probably bought it and sought out the dupe too.Profile Photo

I’m Sara – former business student and self-confessed makeup addict. I’d sell my soul for a new lipstick and absolutely love flitting my money away on new makeup and skincare products. I will one day become the little old woman who lived in her makeup bag!

Monday to Friday, I live the corporate life so I generally tone down my beauty regimen in the mornings but don’t be fooled; I’m still super high maintenance. You won’t find me doing my face in less than five minutes. We’ll leave that to Claire!

My weekend style is simple and laid back. I live in my skinny jeans and black is my ultimate favourite colour. I like to jazz up my looks with jewellery and accessories. I’m a sucker for anything sparkly!

I love trying new products and sharing my views and opinion with others. Why should we all waste our money on a total product fail? Leave that to us!

I’m Claire – marketing consultant by day and makeup hoarder by night. I own more beauty products than I care to admit and can often be found loitering around the makeup section in Boots, adding to the collection.

That said, I am pretty laid back when it comes to my daily routine, which tends to involve a quick bit of skincare before a 5 minute makeup job and out the door I go…the quicker the better! For a night out, I spend a good bit longer and jazz myself up with contouring, lashes – the works!

When it comes to clothes, I’m pretty much the same as I am in the beauty department…split personality! Some days I want to be comfy and casual and other days, I go a bit fancy and dress up.

I am a dupe addict, and regularly invest in an expensive product only to go in search of a dupe right away…I have issues. But at least you can skip the splurge and benefit from my dupe bounty hunt!

We’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment or drop us a quick mail with your thoughts, suggestions or product recommendations! To keep up to date with our latest posts, follow us on Facebook & Instagram.

All in all, we hope you enjoy the blog and pick up some useful tips and recommendations to get your beauty fix…don’t blame us if you’re joining us in the land of the broke anytime soon 🙂

Sara and Claire


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  1. Hi girls, hope all is well with you. I’m writing to you from the Lidl PR department. I am currently updating our beauty media database and I was wondering would you be ok with being added to this list? If so, what email should I put down as your contact email?
    Have a lovely day.
    Kind Regards,

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