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Hands up who loves cleaning makeup brushes! Anyone? Anyone at all??? Cleaning our brushes is probably one of the jobs we all dread the most, and one that we all are guilty of putting off more than once! But in the last year and a bit, I’ve gotten really vigilant about cleaning my brushes at least once a week, and gotten it down to a fine art.


There’s nothing worse than scrubbing away at your brushes for ages only for them to still look grubby and stained with makeup. I have a few products that make the job SO simple, so keep reading if you’re looking for the quickest way to get your brushes and sponges sparkling clean.


The 2 things I use are:

Brushes 1

Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Castile Liquid Soap (Nourish, €12.30)

This stuff is the business! There’s a variety of scents, but because tea tree is antibacterial, I feel like it really cleans my brushes properly and gets rid of any lurking bacteria. It’s a very mild soap, but so effective for removing the old makeup and grime from your brushes


Dealz Body Massage Glove (Dealz, €1.49)

I picked this up on the recommendation of another beauty blog (I can’t remember which 1!), and it doesn’t disappoint. It helps to really get into the brush and get the dirt out, without damaging it. Just make sure you use the side with the larger bumps, as I reckon the smaller spikes on the other side could cause some damage to the bristles.


I always start by wiping any excess product onto some tissue or kitchen paper. Liquid products in particular will leave a lot of residue in your brushes, and if you don’t wipe it, your first rinse is just getting all of that out.


Brushes 3


Next, I run the brush under warm water. I find warm water works better to really lift the old makeup (and it’s much nicer on my hands than ice cold water!). Make sure to point the brush down, to avoid getting water into the ferrule, which can loosen the glue and cause the bristles to shed.


Brushes 2


I pour a tiny bit of the soap onto the mitt – I say tiny because you literally need a squirt of this soap. It’s really runny and lathers up really well, so a tiny bit will do the job!


Brushes 4


Rubbing the brush in circular motions, I work it into the soap to get a bit of a lather. You will literally see the grime coming out of the brush as you can see in the photo…weirdly satisfying!


Brushes 6


Rinse the brush and repeat until the lather and the water run clear.


Brushes 8


I then gently rub the brush on a towel to remove excess water, and lay it flat to dry. Your brushes should always dry flat – otherwise the water will run into the ferrule, and loosen the glue, meaning you lose bristles!


Brushes 9


Repeat that with the whole bunch of brushes you need to wash!


For my BeautyBlender, other sponges and powder puffs, I use a slightly different method, because they are slightly tougher to clean, and stain very easily. I love Daiso Detergent (eBay, around €5) for this job, because it really deep cleans my sponges and leaves them looking brand new!


Brushes 10


Simply cover the sponge with a little of the product, rub it in all over and rinse by squeezing until the water runs clear so all the detergent is out.


Brushes 11Brushes 12


It’s really amazing stuff, but word of warning…I would never use it on my brushes. It seems much too harsh (it is called a detergent, so the hint is in the name!) and I reckon it could damage the bristles and ferrule.


I also like to give them a clean with Cinema Secrets every few cleans, because it is MAGIC at getting rid of staining and giving your brushes the clean of their life without being harsh. I’ll do a post on that very soon, but for now, that’s all from me! If you have any tips on cleaning brushes, as always, we would love to hear from you in the comments, on Facebook or on Instagram!

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