Pre-Pay Day Treats – 10 Under €10

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a little makeup splurge, but it’s about that time of the month, where funds are running low and payday is taunting you from a few weeks away. You’re dying for a little pre-payday beauty treat, but your bank balance has fallen into double digit territory.   We’ve all […]

Great Lengths: First Impressions

If you’ve followed The Dupe Diaries from early on, you may have seen a review post last summer of Platinum  hair extensions. It was then that I had my first experience of pre-bonded extensions and twelve months on, I’m afraid to say that I haven’t been able to go without them since. To date, I’ve […]

Must-Have Face Masks

You know you’re getting old and sensible when you look forward to sitting in, in front of the telly with a face mask on. I know I’m not alone in this. How many of you ladies are guilty of sending a sneaky face mask selfie before? Aside from perking up your complexion, it’s a great way of […]