Electric Picnic Essentials


It’s a huge decision to make for anyone, especially someone like me. I like my comforts – my bed, my shower, my slippers and of course, my glamour! I only sleep under the stars when there are at least four of them. So when I took the plunge and agreed to go to Electric Picnic (my first ever festival and first time camping), I was apprehensive to say the least. Three days of sleeping rough, mucky fields, no washing and the unpredictable Irish weather is going to be a real challenge for me, so, to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, I’ve been stocking up on my festival essentials. Of course, a tent and sleeping bags are crucial and I’ll worry about them later, but for now, I’m more concerned about keeping fresh and looking good!


The Fashion

I think hats are definitely handy to have for festivals to combat anything that the weather throws at us. I’m not a hat person usually but with a little persuasion from Claire, I relented and picked up this hat from Penneys for only €10. I actually really like it. It’s very trendy and stylish and is 100% wool which means it’ll keep my head snug and warm. I love the wide brim for sun protection too. In my opinion, if you have to wear a hat, wear one that looks good! If it makes it home, I may even wear it again sometime…maybe!



Penneys, €10

As we’ve seen in the last few weeks, the Irish weather can go from one extreme to the next during the summer months. At the moment, the forecast is looking good for Electric Picnic but we just never know. Either way, it’ll definitely get nippy in the evenings and into the night. I have my very stylish (not) fold up rain coat but I wanted something for keeping warm too, that’d be handy to pack and wouldn’t take up too much space. I came across this cape style cover-up in H&M and thought it’d be ideal. It’s really big and cosy so I think it’ll be perfect for throwing on to keep warm and will double up as a blanket during the night when I’m slumming it in my tent.  It was €24.99 but it’ll be great for the weekend and I’ll definitely be using it again in the future, especially when travelling. I also really love this knitted cape from Boohoo. Boohoo have a great festival shop on their website and with their express delivery, you’ll have everything you need in time for next Friday.



H&M, €24.99

I’ve been told by just about everyone that wellies are a must for outdoor festivals. I’ll probably be bringing an old pair of converse with me too but for trudging around in the muck, I think wellies will be my shoe of choice. I bought mine earlier in the summer in Penneys, to make sure I got them before they sold out but Penneys, Heatons and Dunnes still have some styles in store if you haven’t picked them up yet. I wanted to go for ones that would make me feel as fashionable as possible. I love these black studded ones. I think they were €13 but they actually look quite good. Of course, to go with my wellies, I’ve stocked up on lots of fluffy socks, also from Penneys.



Penneys, €13

Makeup & skincare 

Music festivals are as much about the fashion and beauty as they are music. They are definitely an excuse to go a little OTT with your makeup and while I won’t be rocking neon face paint, I will be donning my brightest lipsticks. I’m planning on keeping my face quite fresh looking, going for a foundation that’s lightweight and breathable but that will also last the whole day and into the night. I’m going to keep the focus on my lips. I don’t want to be bringing loads of makeup with me so a few bold lipsticks will be my ultimate pick-me-ups for the weekend. We’ve done some posts on our favourite bright red and pink lipsticks from MAC and their dupes. I’ll be bringing my Kiko and wet n wild lippies with me. I love these shades for summer and at least if they go missing, they haven’t cost me a fortune. I’ll be tinting my eyebrows before I go and applying individual lashes on Friday, as these last really well for a couple of days and make you look more human! I have a feeling I’m going to need all the help I can get on this front!

I’ll also be packing my MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect Lotion SPF 50. Even if it isn’t too sunny, you should still be using an SPF, especially on your face. I love this MAC cream. It’s very lightweight, moisturising and non-greasy. Claire’s facial SPF of choice is La Roche-Posay Anthelios – this is another great one! During the day I’ll be spritzing my MAC Fix + Spray all over my face to keep fresh looking and combat the dehydration caused by a weekend of late nights and over-indulging. The travel sized version is ideal for Electric Picnic downsizing.


MAC Prep and Prime SPF 50 2


Keeping clean   

Ok, so my biggest hang-up with camping is the lack of consideration for personal hygiene. I know there are showers in Electric Picnic but I’m still undecided as to whether the benefit of being clean will outweigh the ordeal of using them. I imagine they’re going to be communal showers and probably not the cleanest so, as an alternative, I’ve stocked up on baby wipes like there’s no tomorrow! These will definitely be used up by the end of the weekend. I’ll be cleaning myself with them and possibly bringing them with me into the portaloos in case they need a quick clean…Gross! This of course calls for hand sanitizer, and lots of it. The handy little bottle will fit into my handbag so I’ll be able to keep (relatively) clean at all times!

I, of course, also picked up a new can of Batista Dry Shampoo to keep my locks looking  and smelling fresh. You may have read our post on my new Platinum extensions – they’re great for keeping the style in so I’ll curl my hair on the Friday and (if the weather’s good) the curls will stay in place for the weekend.

Penneys is absolutely fantastic for all these personal hygiene products and everything is cheap is chips!



Ladies (and gents) – what am I missing?? I’ve never camped before so let me know if there’s anything else I absolutely need! All help will be much appreciated!

Sara x