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When we started The Dupe Diaries, we had tonnes of ideas for the blog, but one thing we were adamant about was giving very honest reviews of products we’ve tried. As you may have seen, we’ve stumbled upon some really excellent products, but our “experimental research” (AKA spending WAY too much money on beauty products we definitely don’t need) has also often ended in disappointment.


So we’ve decided to dedicate this post to our top product fails – products that just failed to impress us. Hopefully our misspent euro can save you a few quid and the disappointment!


Sara’s Fails


Garnier Micellar Cleaning Water (€6.29, Boots)

Micellar water has become somewhat of a beauty phenomenon of late. Does anyone else just not get it!? What is the hype with this product?? As usual, because of the media attention Garnier Micellar Water was receiving, I was suckered into purchasing it. I was so excited to try it out. Although I’m quite strict on my skincare routine (full cleanse, tone and moisturize EVERY night), I thought this might be a quick fix after nights out or times when I wasn’t wearing too much makeup…who am I kidding, that’s never! Anyway, took the plunge and bought this cult product and while it wasn’t expensive by any means, I was hugely disappointed! Reviews of this had built it up to be such a fantastic and convenient way to remove all traces of makeup. It doesn’t do that! I like using this as a final step in removing my makeup, after I’ve used a cleaning oil or balm but to clean away a full face? No way José!




Inglot Eyebrow Pencil FM (€15, Inglot)

I usually love Inglot products so it bugs me that I have to give one of their products a poor review but honesty is the best policy! I’m a big eyebrow lady, which also means I expect big things from my eyebrow products. Now I guess, seeing the wide nib on this eyebrow crayon, I probably should have walked away then and there but I thought it would act as a good product for filling in brows – not necessarily shaping and defining them. The consistency and texture of the crayon is just all wrong though. It’s way too waxy. Sure, a certain amount of wax is good for keeping hairs in place but this has so much wax that you can feel your brows being held in place. It feels stiff and sticky and looks dreadful, in my opinion. I can’t even find an alternative use for this, which I normally would!


Claire’s Fails


Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup (€19.29, Boots)

If you’re a regular reader, you will have heard us gabbing on about Revlon foundations by now! We’re both massive fans of the ColorStay and I was really impressed by the PhotoReady as a dupe for Make Up Forever HD foundation, so I was expecting great things from this mousse. It had been hyped by some other bloggers as their holy grail for an airbrushed finish, so naturally, I wanted in on that! I’m sad to say that this was a huge letdown. The first day I tried it, I excitedly pumped it onto my hand only to gag at the smell. I persevered and tried it once again after that, but I have to be honest…it smells like a foot…on my face! Yes you read that right…FOOT ON FACE! I thought it might just be me, but when I searched some more reviews, it appears I am not alone – the fragrance is an issue for quite a few people. From a quick Google search, it appears it may have been discontinued. Revlon, I love you, but this is a #FAIL!

Revlon Mousse


Rimmel ScandalEyes Xxtreme Black Mascara (€8.99, Boots)

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of Rimmel’s mascaras anyway, despite loving a lot of their other products. I think they’re a little on the wet side for me, and tend to clump rather than having much of a lengthening, volumising or curling effect. I picked this one up when I headed for a night away without my trusty mascara, so I grabbed this in a chemist. I was so disappointed with this…it just stuck my lashes together with little to no change in volume or length…they just looked wet! Rimmel’s products are usually fantastic, but this is one I won’t be repurchasing!




Blank Canvas F20 Flat Buffer Brush (€14.99, Blank Canvas)

Before I start my rant, I have to say that this is the only Blank Canvas brush I ever had a problem with. I have 2 others which I adore (I mentioned my F30 as a favourite in my brush post – it is a MUST for contouring…probably one of my most highly recommended products…GET IT!), and I’ve had them around 1.5 years without any issues. I washed this brush with a mild brush shampoo when it arrived, as I always do my new brushes, but the first time I used it, it was shedding like mad. I washed it again and tried it only for the same thing to happen and on its 3rd wash, half the bristles slid down into the ferule of the brush. I was gutted that I didn’t get 1 proper use out of it, but to be fair, I never went back to Blank Canvas about it and I’m sure they would have replaced it if I had! I’m putting it down to it being a faulty brush I unfortunately got, as the other brushes I’ve tried are fantastic and everyone raves about the F20, so I think I was just unlucky (typical!).


Have you any #FAILS to share with us? Any products you think are best avoided, or that you haven’t found good? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook or Instagram!

Sara and Claire



2 comments on “#FAILS – Product Fails

  1. Hi Girls,

    Love your blog. Just wanted to share some of my experience with disappointing products. I have very oily skin so i decided to invest in a good foundation and I went for Benefit- Oxygen Wow. and oh Wow this is the worst foundation i have ever tried. It makes my skin even oilier, it’s doesn’t dry so whenever i hug someone i leave a foundation patch on their shoulder (#embarrassing). and it does not last more than 4 hours- starts melting down my face and at 5pm I have no foundation left at all.

    Next, I recently bought Benefit’s They are Real Mascara and They are Real Push up eyeliner. These two products have been loved by many, but not me! The eyeliner is so hard to put on, you have to twist it to get the product out, and when u start applying it on ur eyes, it dries off and falls (leaving black marks on your face), it is not precise at all, and on average you could spend 10 mins trying to put it on just on your right eye. As well as that, the main selling point of this product is that it is long lasting- yeah well it’s not. I put it on at 5pm went for dinner came back at 9pm and had black all over my eye lids.

    The mascara, is not worth the money, it has nothing special in it at all. just an ordinary mascara that you pay 27euros for. I have sensitive eyes, and the girl at the counter told that it is hypoallergenic and it won’t irritate my eyes… that’s not exactly right. It starts melting down my eyes within 3 hours of applying. This is not exactly what I was looking for.

    That’s it from me. x

    1. Thanks Sibel. Delighted you like the blog 🙂 !

      Haven’t tried the Benefit Oxygen Wow, but I have tried They’re Real and I have to agree with you…I was underwhelmed. It’s nice, but so are a lot of budget mascaras that give similar results (my favourite over the last few months is the Doll’d Up by Seventeen, which we have as part of our prize for the competition running at the moment)!

      Claire x

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