Foundation Dupes – Part 2


Last week, we saw some of Claire’s favourite foundation dupes. This week, I’m looking at the ultimate classic foundation for a lot of ladies like myself – MAC Studio Fix Fluid.  I put a highstreet alternative to the test to see how it compared to this cult product. Here’s how I got on…


MAC Studio Fix Fluid Vs Revlon Colour Stay

I think everyone and their granny has tried Studio Fix from MAC at some point in their lives. It’s just one of those go-to full coverage foundations that never seems to lose its place in the beauty industry. Having come across this Revlon foundation about a year ago, I was impressed but, fickle as I am, moved on to the next foundation within a short space of time. I decided that I wanted to go back and compare these two and give you lovely readers my opinion. I put both these foundations to the test while I was training in the UK with work. We’re talking busy, intense 9 hour days…so let’s see how these two stood up to the pressure.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid (€31.50, Brown Thomas)

Who else has this foundation in their makeup bag as their fail-safe full coverage foundation? All of you, yes? That’s what I thought. It’s just a beauty staple! It’s definitely on the heavier side of the scale as far as coverage goes and provides a matte finish that’s supposed to last up to eight hours. It also comes in a huge range of colours, however, I’m not convinced there’s something for everyone. I’m quite sallow skinned, although fair, and I tend to go for NC20 for my “everyday” shade. This gives a nice healthy colour but I can see the paler girl’s frustration with MAC and their selection of shades for those with porcelain skin. There certainly isn’t an abundance of lighter tones. I really do love this foundation and I often wonder why I ever stray from it. The only negative I would have with it is that it does take me a little while to build up and blend in the product so that (a) I get the right amount of coverage and (b) it doesn’t look cakey. That said, it is a great foundation and definitely one for nights out and events when you want that ‘made-up’ look… Or for everyday use if you’re like me and you like to have your best face on at all times!


2015-07-12 13.44.24

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC20


Revlon ColorStay Foundation (€17.79, Boots)

Ok, so having retested this product recently, I can say that I, am a lady in love! This foundation is the business. The first thing I love is that it comes in two different formulas – one for Oily/Combination skin and another for Dry skin types. The colour range isn’t as extensive as MACs but I do think there’s a great choice for a drugstore brand. I used the shade Sand Beige, which I actually found to be a better match for my skin than MAC, in terms of tone. It’s a little less…orange, which a lot of MAC foundations tend to be. It just means that this makeup is less obvious looking – slightly more wearable for day-to-day, when you’re not tanned. But what I love most about this foundation is the application. It goes on like a dream. It just blends and leaves such a gorgeous finish – slightly dewy but for oily old me, it definitely doesn’t leave me looking shiny. It has great lasting power. With only a quick powdering over lunch, it lasted from 7am to 12am, still looking pretty good by the time I was taking it off.


2015-07-14 07.31.30-1

Revlon Colour Stay in Sandy Beige


The Verdict

These two foundations are extremely similar. They both provide excellent full coverage, leaving skin looking even and flawless. Both have excellent staying power, with the Revlon giving me shine free cover for longer. MAC, I do love you dearly but today, Revlon Colour Stay wins, hands down. Ladies, if you haven’t tried this before, I’d highly recommend it!

What are your favourite foundations? Have you ever tried MAC Studio Fix Fluid or Revlon Colour Stay? If you have, we want to hear what you think of them.




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