Foundation Dupes – Part 4


With so many different types of foundations on the market, it can be very easy to to be lured into buying the first one that jumps out at you. How many times have we all bought a foundation only to try it out at home and realise it’s all wrong for you. I think, it all comes down to skin type. You want to get one that suits your skin, provides the cover you want and will last for however long you need. This foundation dupe post may interest some of you for this reason – I absolutely love MAC’s Studio Sculpt foundation, but it just doesn’t work for my oily skin.  But fear not, I’ve found the solution and it’s cheaper and, dare I say, better!

MAC Studio Sculpt (Brown Thomas, €36.50)

If I could choose my favourite MAC foundation, regardless of skin-type, this would be it. It’s a gel based foundation which moisturises the skin and leaves it looking baby soft and “plump”, as I like to say. It’s quite a thick formula but it glides on really smoothly and needs little blending. I always think of it as providing a second skin. It gives really good, full coverage but isn’t heavy on the skin. Because of the consistency of Studio Sculpt, a little goes a really long way so, while it’s a bit more expensive than MAC’s most popular Studio Fix, it will last a long time. This is a fantastic foundation for anyone who wants good coverage but needs a quick application. Unlike Studio Fix foundation, it doesn’t need to be blended and built up to get an even finish. It just melts into the skin.

What about Studio Sculpt shades, you ask? Now, I’m no scientist or expert, so I won’t pretend to know a thing about the different chemical characteristics of makeup. What I can say is that, again, unlike Studio Fix (which many women will use as their benchmark foundation), Studio Sculpt doesn’t oxidise in the same way. It stays very true to colour when applied on the skin. As such, I would wear a slightly darker shade in Studio Sculpt than Studio Fix. In Fix, I wear NC20 and in Sculpt, I can go up to NC25 so maybe keep this in mind if you’re a Fix wearer and thinking about trying out Studio Sculpt for the first time.

I have so many good things to say about Studio Sculpt but sadly, I don’t wear it much myself. I say it every time I do a foundation post with the hope of helping some of you who, like me in the past, may be struggling to find an appropriate foundation to suit your skin – I have oily skin. For that reason, this foundation doesn’t work for me. It looks amazing on at first, but after two or three hours, I look like I have a serious case of the sweats going on. I wish it would just stay the way it does after application but, alas, it doesn’t. Not to worry though, I’ll get over it! This would be fantastic for anyone with dry or very dry skin. Due to the gel-based formula, it’ll hydrate and revitalise your skin and won’t exacerbate dry patches. If you do have dry skin and can’t find a good foundation, I’d highly recommend getting a sample of this from your local MAC counter. They’re generally very good for giving samples and this way you can see if it’s worth forking out the money for it first. This would also be a super foundation for mature skin as it instantly injects life into your skin!



MAC Studio Sculpt in NC25


Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation (Boots, €21.99)

After using Studio Sculpt for a couple of weeks and realising that it wasn’t suited to me, I was on the hunt for the next foundation that would win me over (a difficult thing to do). You may have picked up from my previous foundation posts, that I like a nice full coverage foundation. I’m not blessed with porcelain skin so I like to cover up any blemishes, discolouration or redness in my skin. I had heard a lot about this foundation and, having used the Vichy skincare products before, I was really interested in trying this out. I got a sample from my local Lloyds Pharmacy and was instantly hooked. Advertised as being able to cover flaws including redness, dark circles, uneven skin tone, acne and virtiligo, this foundation certainly promises a lot and, boy, does it deliver! Like MAC Studio Sculpt, it instantly covers any complexion flaw but doesn’t mask your skin and allows it to breathe. It literally covers everything and leaves your complexion looking flawless.

This is a brilliant foundation, particularly for anyone who suffers from acne. My skin goes through phases of being fine, followed by angry outbreaks so I know how upsetting it can be to have skin problems. This foundation will give you such a boost of confidence, I promise you! When you’ve got skin issues, you often feel like wearing the heaviest foundation possible to mask it all but this can often leave you looking and feeling worse. Rather than leaving your skin dry and caked looking and emphasising any skin problems you may be experiencing, Dermablend literally covers EVERYTHING but leaves your skin glowing and youthful. It’s hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic and contains mineral water so is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

So how does it measure up to MAC? Dermablend provides more coverage than Studio Sculpt. It’s a better option for me and doesn’t make me look like a shiny bowling ball, the way Studio Sculpt does. I generally do, however, need a quick powder during the day. There isn’t a fantastic colour range – that’s the only bad thing. There are a couple of good shades for medium skin tones or for “going out” foundations but not a great selection for pale or dark skin tones. I use shade 25 Nude for my everyday foundation which is a good match for MAC NC20. For just over €20, this is a star buy in my eyes!



Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation in 25 Nude


Have you tried either of these foundations? If so we’d love to know your thoughts. Or if you’d like us to do a post on tips for different skin types, just comment below or on Facebook or Instagram!

Sara x