HerClutterBox Review


In case you didn’t know, I love make up! Most girls do. And like some of you (maybe a lot of you), I lack the willpower and restraint to stop myself from buying more and more. Standing at beauty counters, I can think of half a dozen reasons I need another red lipstick or a new foundation to add to my collection… sure everyone needs thirteen different foundations at any one time! To some, my make up buying habits may seem slightly ludicrous but to me, well, it just makes me happy and there’s nothing wrong with that, right? However, my growing collection does come with one problem (other than the sad bank balance, of course) – where do I put it all!? For years, I’ve gone from various make up bag to box, with nothing ever living up to what I need. I always end up having to deploy another bag or box because I run out of space. That was, until very recently when I found my solution…



An Irish invention, HerClutterBox was designed in a somewhat unsurprising way. The founder of the company was becoming tired of his girlfriend’s make up storage (or lack of it – we’ve all been there), with boxes and make up bags taking up space all over their home. In the manliest of ways, he decided to do something to eradicate the problem and thus, HerClutterBox  was born! The concept is simple – a large, acrylic drawer unit, robust enough to store all your face paint and tools.


I’ve had my heart set on getting my own HerClutterBox for ages now. I obsessed over Facebook and Instagram pictures of them all last year, during the depths of final year when I hadn’t a penny to my name! So having recently finished college and started working, I decided it was finally time to treat myself. The storage units aren’t cheap. Prices start at €139 and go up to €285, depending on the size you opt for. I am actually quite careful when it comes to big purchases like this so I had done extensive research to make sure I was certain before buying one. Some people claim that you can get similar boxes from the likes of Muji or Homestore and More for a fraction of the price, so I checked all of these out and was underwhelmed by the quality and size of anything I saw on the market. Even the largest units available from the likes of these stores were no match for my many products, which would mean buying multiple boxes and this kind of defeated the purpose. I wanted one box for everything!

So when HerClutterBox held a sale recently, I was ready to commit and order one. I opted for the 5 drawer model and within about a week, the gigantic cardboard box arrived in the post. I was finally the proud owner of a HerClutterBox!I had so much fun organising it and deciding where to put everything. You get plenty of grid dividers with each unit so you can create small compartments for all your bits and bobs. The 5 drawer model has, you might have guessed it, 5 drawers – one of which is deeper than the others, however, the other four drawers are deep enough for things like foundation bottles and larger make up items. The top drawer slides out but also has a flip-top lid. I don’t use this but I have seen pictures of people using this function for storing things such as perfume bottles and other tall items, standing up.


What’s in my HerClutterBox (or what isn’t!)….







The deep bottom drawer comfortably fits all my bulky eye shadow palettes

The 5 drawer retails at €179 plus €9.99 postage (in ROI) so it is an investment purchase but girls, believe me when I say, it is well worth it! The quality of the HerClutterBox is second to none. They’re so sturdy and well built that you can be sure it’s going to last you a long time. It also fits so much in it. I have a silly amount of make up and I have nearly all of it in my box  (I still have all my beloved MAC lipsticks in my acrylic lipstick holders but this is mostly because I like the look of them). But above all functionality, it looks fantastic! Now, instead of my make up looking like a big jumble of clutter, it looks neat, organised and very cool! It’s not just make up storage but a piece of furniture that makes my room look extremely chic and stylish!


There are currently three models available from HerClutterBox. If you have a sensible amount of make up, you could opt for the 4 drawer HerClutterBox or if you’re even worse than me (I applaud you), you could splash out on the brand new 6 drawer monster which features a handy brush holder section. Whichever one you go for, you’ll absolutely love it and will wonder what you ever did before it. I would definitely recommend saving up for one or asking Santa for it, although if you’re eyeing one up for Christmas, I’d advise you put in your order pretty swiftly to make sure you get it before they sell out.

I know a lot of people will say this is a crazy amount of money to spend on a make up box, and maybe it is but I personally think it’s value for money. It’s an investment piece – you’re not going to be going out to buy a new make up bag any time soon, if you get one of these. Plus, you’re supporting Irish which is always great to do! Here at The Dupe Diaries, we’re always looking for dupes (the name kind of gives it away) so naturally, we’ve done a fair bit of market research to find an alternative to these but quite honestly, there isn’t one.


How do you store your make up? If you have it in multiple bags or boxes, in your bathroom, bedroom and handbag, are you tempted to invest in a HerClutterBox? Or if you have one, we’d love to see your photos of how you’ve got it organised!

Sara x