Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation


I found myself standing at a high end makeup counter recently, toying with the idea of just buying a new, never-before-tested foundation in any old random shade because they didn’t have the right match for me in stock. I very nearly bought one which was about 3 shades too dark for me. This is not an uncommon occurrence for me. You see, I’m a sucker for foundation. As soon as I hear any kind of recommendation or review of a foundation, I’m all over it, because I’m constantly on the hunt for my “holy grail” foundation. Well listen up ladies, because I think I’ve come very close to finding it. 


I was converted to the Makeup Forever brand after trying their Ultra HD Foundation (€43) a couple of months ago. I had previously treated myself to the original HD foundation, only to be left less than impressed, but Claire convinced me to give one of her favourite makeup brands a second chance with the recent addition to the MUFE family – the Ultra HD formula – and I instantly loved it. So before Christmas, I made the snap decision to try out the Ultra HD Stick Foundation (€39) – the result of a liquid lunch with Claire, pre Christmas shopping! 

mufe stick2

Yes, I know what your thinking. I know this because anyone I have mentioned this little wonder to has looked at me in utter disbelief and slight disgust. 

“What…like a…panstick??” 

This is the common reaction but let me just set the record straight here and now. The Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick  Foundation is no panstick. More so, it is the thing of dreams!

I nearly can’t express my love for this product enough. It kind of just does everything you could ever want your foundation to. It’s long-lasting, full coverage and lightweight. Not to mention the fact that it makes you look totally flawless. 

mufe stick3

When first applied, it looks like it could be quite greasy and heavy but this is not the case. It blends like butter, melting into your skin. It completely covers uneven skin tone, discolouration, blemishes…you name it, it vanishes under the HD Stick. It’s like a second skin but it’s a very natural, veil-like skin. I dab a couple of dots around my face and blend using The Dupe Diaries favourite BeautyBlender (, £16). It’s so quick to apply and within a minute or two you have a full-coverage and even appearance, with very little product. You can use this alone or for a really full coverage, you can use this over your normal foundation or on particular problem areas (for example, if you have redness on the cheeks etc). This is great for nights out and photographs so, so well! 

mufe stick

While the stick provides full coverage, it doesn’t look at all heavy. It gives the illusion of bright, plump, hydrated skin. From past encounters with panstick foundations (hello teenage you), most people have the fear of that heavy, chalky feeling you get from stick foundations, not to mention the Morticia Addams look, so easily achieved! But stick foundations are appearing on beauty counters more and more these days with other brands like Bobbi Brown, Tom Ford and Inglot jumping on board. 

I’m not sure whether time or Makeup Forever has revolutionised stick foundation, but whatever the case, we’ve really struck gold with this product. I cannot recommend it enough. At €39, it is a pricey purchase but a little goes a very long way. I’ve been using this since mid December, nearly everyday and it’s still going strong so it’s certainly worth it. I use shade 123 (Y365 Desert) which is similar to a MAC NC25/30. Colour matching can be difficult so I’d recommend going into the Makeup Forever store on Clarendon Street, Dublin, if possible to get matched up. The popular shades tend to be sold out quite often so you may end up ordering online anyway, or if you’re planning a trip abroad anytime soon, Sephora stores stock a great range.

I highly recommend trying this out, if you’re looking for a medium-full coverage makeup, which still gives a gorgeous dewy look. I rarely feel so enthusiastic about a foundation, always finding something wrong with any I try but this is perfect for all skin types, dry or oily and ideal for on-the-go touch ups. It wears well during the day, perhaps needing a quick powdering here and there but it doesn’t leave you looking dry or patchy by the end of the day. If you get your hands on the Makeup Forever HD Stick foundation, let us know your thoughts.


Ps. You won’t be disappointed

Sara x