Reviving your makeup bag


Nothing makes me happier than buying new makeup that I absolutely don’t need but there is nothing worse than having to buy a new foundation, powder or mascara a couple of weeks before payday. With Christmas around the corner, we’re all going to be counting the pennies to save up for Christmas presents and outfits for the party season. So why not try a couple of our makeup economising tips that will keep the cash in your wallet and help you to use up what you’ve already got.


Bring your foundation back to life

Foundation is probably the most pricey item in most of our makeup bags. It can be pretty devastating having to splash €30 or €40 on a new bottle. But fear not, you can do a couple of things to keep your foundation going longer. I mix my foundation with a few different things, such as MAC Lustre drops (limited edition but similar products are available from SleekBenefit and Seventeen), The Dupe Diaries favourite Botanics All Bright Radiance Balm (€3.99, Boots) or the gorgeous bronze Halo Illuminiser (in Golden Tan) from H&M’s beauty range. This gives a gorgeous glowy, dewy finish and, if you’re like me and wear a full coverage foundation, this helps to make it a little lighter for everyday wear. Mix a couple of drops of your favourite liquid illuminator to your foundation and you’ll half the amount that you’re using. You’ll really notice your foundation lasting longer.





I’m also a big advocate of mixing foundations with each other. I’m a sucker for buying new ones, often to find I don’t love them. However, by mixing them in with my regular foundations, I find they’re a lot more wearable. I hate wasting anything so this is a great way of using up makeup that you might otherwise never use.



Don’t let dry makeup ruin your day!


This little vile of magic is from inglot and is an absolute essential for any makeup bag. It has so many uses but I find it great for breathing life back into dried up gel products. The Inglot gel liner in 77 is my favourite black liner forever, however, it does tend to dry up quite quickly, making or hard to apply. Every so often, I’ll pop a drop or two of Duraline (€12) into it and it’s back to normal. You could use it with any gel liner or brow gel to get the same effect.

I’ve also been guilty, one too many times, of using Duraline to revive mascara that has started to dry up but do be cautious of changing your mascara every 3 months or so to avoid nasty eye infections!

Of course, being The Dupe Diaries, we’re here to bring you budget friendly alternatives and the Makeup Revolution Aqua Seal is a great dupe for Duraline at a fraction of the price.



WARNING: Once you go onto the  Makeup Revolution website, you may end up buying a lot! 



If it’s broken, fix it! 


How many of us have cried over a cracked or broken powder before? It’s such an upsetting ordeal. Your powder is smashed into a thousand pieces and you don’t know how to go on…. A bit dramatic?


I keep some isopropyl alcohol in my bathroom press for emergencies like these. If you fall victim to a smashed powder, don’t worry. Follow these simple steps to solve the problem:


1. It may be difficult but you need to break that powder even more. Crush it in the compact until it’s a fine loose powder consistency


2. Little by little, add a couple of drops of alcohol to the powder and mix with a small spoon, spatula or stick (I just cut the cotton part of a cotton bud and use the stick from this). Add the alcohol slowly and use more if you need it to moisten the mixture. You want to be left with a liquid texture in the end.

IMAG22653. Once everything is well mixed, set the compact aside for a couple of hours until most of the alcohol has soaked in and you’ve got a firm consistency.

4. Place some tissue, kitchen roll or toilet paper over the powder and place something heavy, which will cover the entire powder, over it. I usually use a tub of Sudacream as it’s a good size to fit a powder compact.

5. Leave it for a good 12 hours like this to ensure the powder sets. If you run your finger over the powder and you’re left with a dry, powdery finish then you’re good to go!


I’ve also used this method for setting loose eye pigments. I’ve so many of these from MAC and elsewhere that I just don’t use that often. I find them too fiddly and messy to use regularly so setting them in an eyeshadow pan makes them more convenient to use. I buy empty eyeshadow pans and magnets on eBay. You can then put your new DIY eyehadows in something like a Z palette.


Do you have any tips for making your makeup last longer or are you a total shopaholic when it comes to makeup?

Sara x