Simple Fake Lashes


Fake lashes used to be the bane of my life when it came to make-up. I love the thick, voluminous look that falsies give to my lashes, but I could never get them on right. One would always go on fine, while the other would be arseways, hanging off or lopsided…and it drove me mad. Now, with a few little tricks that I’ve picked up from make-up artists and friends, I have it down to a fine art.


Fake lashes are something that a lot of us struggle with, but they look so damn good that it’s a shame to forego them! So this post will give you my foolproof tricks to become a pro – trust me, it’s a lot simpler than you think!


I always apply the majority of my make-up, bar lips and brows before I go at my lashes. I just find that otherwise I end up knocking off the lashes, or can’t get my eye make-up on right. However, as I can often end up rubbing against my lips and brows when manouvering the lashes into place, I leave those bits until last to avoid smearage!


1. All I need is: Bourjois 2-in-1 Tweezer and False Lash Applicator from Boots (€6.99), Phoenix Beauty Lashes in Flirty from Penneys (€3), Duo Striplash Adhesive Dark Tone from Boots (€5.99) and this little scissors, which I think I picked up in Penneys for around €2

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2. The 1st thing I do is measure the lashes against my lash-line. I never used to do this and ended up with lashes that stuck out past my eyes, that looked ridiculous, so it’s really important!

Lashes 2


3. The lashes should line up with your natural lashes, so where my natural lashes start is where the strip should start and where my lashes end along my lash line is where the fake lashes should end. With a small scissors, snip the fake lash strip at the longer end (that should go at the outside of your eye) where you have measured them. Never snip the short end (that should go at the inside of your eye) as you need those shorter lashes that graduate out to longer lashes to look natural


4. Next, I take the lashes with the Lash Applicator, and apply a thin layer of glue along the strip. I leave them for 30-40 seconds, to allow the glue to go tacky

Lashes 3


5. I then line the lashes up with my natural lash line. The easiest way to apply, I find, is to tilt my head down slightly in the mirror, so I am getting a top-down view of my lash line. It helps to get the lashes in nice and close to my natural lashes. NEVER stick the lash strip to your own lashes…it’ll pull them out when you remove! Stick them to your eyelid, as close to your lash line as you can

Lashes 4


6. Using the other end, I push each end of the strip down to line it up with my lash line. I then hold each end down for about 20 seconds to really stick them on

Lashes 5


7. Once I’m happy that they’re firmly on (give them a few minutes to really dry and set), I go back over the strip with my eyeliner to even it up and blend the strip in. Try not to interfere with the lashes themselves too much, but make sure the liner meets the strip and there are no gaps!

Lashes 6


9. I finish off my make-up then, and if necessary, I apply another layer of mascara to make my lashes blend in with the falsies!

Lashes 8


A few quick tips to make it even easier:

  • Practice makes perfect! Keep your eye make-up simple the first few times you give it a go, so you have less to smudge. If you make a mistake, just try again…you’ll get there!
  • I find a top-down view of my lashes lets me place the strip lashes closely on top of mine, so tip your head down when looking in the mirror.
  • I get around 5 wears out of my Penneys lashes. After wearing them, I simply use a tweezers to pull the old glue off them after each wear, and give them a quick but gentle wipe with a cotton bud and some eye make-up remover!
  • I used to buy expensive lashes, but it’s not really necessary! Penneys lashes are my go-to, and I got a big multipack when I was in Taiwan for around €5 that is still on the go! Duo glue is non-negotiable though – I used to use the glue that comes with lashes, but nothing comes close…it makes application SO much easier!
  • Let your lashes dry when you put them on, and don’t poke at them too much!

Lashes 9

Hope these handy tips help you master the art of lashes, and feel free to leave your comments or suggestions below, on Facebook or on Instagram!

Claire x