Skincare Series – Dry and Sensitive Skin


Following Sara’s post on skincare for oily skin the other day, this second part of our skincare series is all about my routine for my dry and sensitive skin. As we’ve said before, different skin types need very different products, so my routine is very different to Sara’s.


Overall, my skin is quite well-behaved, but it has its moments now and again, and get really dry and blotchy (I occasionally get stress-related rashes on my face, and a hint of eczema from my childhood days). I’ve come up with my skincare routine based on 2 things: 1) Trial and error – it really is all about trying different products and different combinations to see what works for you, and 2) Time – I am lazy and don’t have the time nor patience for a complex routine!


So without further ado, here’s my top picks when it comes to skincare:



No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil (Boots, €14.25)

I use 2 things. The first is the amazing No7 Cleansing Oil which Sara has already raved about, and it is genuinely brilliant at removing even the most stubborn make-up. There are always offers on at No7 too, so it’s great value.

Skincare 1


Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (Boots, €20.75)

I then cleanse using Liz Earle Hot Polish and the muslin cloth that comes with it. It’s so gentle on skin and leaves my face really clean without that tight feeling that most of us with dry skin are all too familiar with! The link above is the starter kit, which has a cleanser and 2 cloths.

Liz Earle Cleanser


Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner (Boots, €5.99)

Toner is one of those things that I am reluctant to splash out on, because I have never seen a difference between a €3 toner and a €30 toner, so I stick with this Botanics toner, which is lovely and mild.

Botanics Toner



No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Advanced Serum (Boots, €40.25)

Serum is something I like to invest in, to get the right ingredients that work with my skin. My Mum first picked the No7 up for me when it was recommended to her by the lovely Judy Wong, who is a very talented make-up artist and beauty guru, so I gave it a go and loved it. It’s so silky on the skin, and I really notice a difference if I go a few days without it. The tube lasts FOREVER as well…I’m still on my 1st tube 8 months on!

Skincare 2


Eye Cream

No7 Youthful Eye Serum (Boots, €25.25)

I have been a bit hit and miss when it comes to using eye cream over the years, but over the last year or so, I’ve stuck to it religiously as it is so important in your 20s to prevent fine lines. I’ve been using the No7 ever since we went to the workshop about a month ago and I got a sample, and I am duly impressed. It’s silky so it glides on and a tiny dot goes a long way so it seems to be lasting ages!

Skincare 3



Lacura Expert Mimox X Cream (Aldi, around €5)

When it comes to moisturiser, I have tried the cheap, the outrageously expensive and everything in between, and I have not found one better than the Lacura Expert Mimox X Cream from Aldi. I swear by the day and night creams, and for a €5 a go, where could you go wrong?! They’re lovely and thick, without a strong scent, they absorb into the skin quickly and they give an excellent hydration boost without any oiliness…LOVE.

Skincare 4


Lip Balm

Forever Sun Lips (Forever Living, €5.12)

My dry skin is accompanied by very dry lips, so I am a lip balm fiend! I slather it on right before bed and first thing in the morning, and all times in between! I exfoliate my lips every few days using e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator (e.l.f., €6.22) and my lip balm of choice for the last 8 months or so has been the Forever Sun Lips. It has SPF30 in it, it’s rich without being tacky or oily, it lasts on the lips and leaves them lovely and soft.

Skincare 5



No7 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator (Boots, €11)

I exfoliate once or twice a week, and as anyone with dry skin knows, getting an exfoliator that is gentle enough not to leave your skin feeling stripped and tight, yet effective enough to actually do something is a battle. I picked up this No7 one on a 3 for 2 deal and find it brilliant. It’s quite creamy and mild, but it does a great job of getting rid of the dead skin, and it’s good value!

Skincare 6



Forever Aloe Activator and Mask Powder (Forever Living, €33.98 together)

I use 2 masks religiously, for very different reasons. The first one is the Forever Aloe Activator mask, which is amazing for lifting and tightening. You mix a powder and an activator to get a pink paste and brush it onto your face. It is not the most pleasant experience, because it seriously tightens as it drys, but you can physically feel it working. Just don’t smile while it’s on! After this, my skin sometimes goes a little pink, but it’s not sore or rash-like, and it calms down in an hour or 2, leaving my skin SO soft and feeling tightened (in a good way!). No need for needles or surgical lifts over here just yet!

Skincare 9


GlamGlow YouthMud TingleExfoliate Treatment (Millies, €56)You actually get a travel size GlamGlow worth €25 with every GlamGlow purchase at the moment with Millies…WELL worth it!

The second mask I am addicted to is GlamGlow YouthMud. I actually resisted this for so long, because I wasn’t convinced that it was little more than a lot of hype. But when I tried it, I was hooked. It’s a clay mask with all kinds of fancy ingredients like volcanic ash, tea leaf and sea clay and it dries on your face. When you wash it off, your skin is SO soft and smooth, and for all my protesting and not wanting to like it because it is hyped and it is on the expensive side (although for €55, I get about 15 uses)…it is 100% worth every penny.

Skincare 7

Skincare 8


So that’s it, my not-so-fancy skincare routine! I genuinely think that a lot of expensive products are overhyped, and that keeping your skincare simple and affordable is the best policy. My routine sounds a little complicated with all my products listed here, but I don’t use all of these every day, and my normal routine literally takes about 5 minutes of my day in total!


Getting your skincare right can be a bit trial and error, as even people with the same skin types will have different experiences with the same product. If you are totally lost when it comes to skincare, I would recommend going to a counter in your local Boots, or your local department store and asking for help. I personally find No7 great in that regard – the girls at the counter are always really helpful in recommending products for your skin type and skin concerns, plus they always have those fantastic 3 for 2 deals on (they have 1 on right now!), so I tend to bulk buy and stock up when one thing runs out!


Hope you got some useful product tips there, but if you have any skincare tips to share, send them our way! We love to hear from you in the comments, on Facebook and on Instagram, so feel free to get in touch!

Claire x