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There are just so many different skincare products and ranges on the market, it can be so difficult to pick something when you’re under pressure in Boots, with 8 different moisturisers to pick from that all look exactly the same. First things first, figure out your skin type! This will make buying new products so much easier, immediately eliminating unsuitable creams and cleansers. Today, I’m bringing you a selection of my very favourite products for oily, blemish prone skin.


I have oily skin which is prone to breakouts every so often and after years of soul searching, I feel I’ve finally found the right products to control my skin as best as possible. For me, keeping the oils at bay is all about having clean skin. People with oily skin often suffer from blemishes as a result of sebum build up which blocks pores and irritates skin. By keeping your skin clean, you can prevent this build up and keep your pores squeaky clean. Of course, don’t go over board with harsh, abrasive products which will just cause a whole host of other problems.



I am a bit of a clean freak, particularly when it comes to personal appearance. My cleansing routine every night is usually a two or three step process:


No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil (Boots, €14.25)

This is a new favourite of mine and by far, the best cleansing oil I’ve ever used. A lot of oily skinned people stay away from using oils on their skin for fear of further adding to the problem. This is untrue, however. Using a good quality oil cleanser like this can actually help to balance oil levels in the skin and this one is particularly good for getting makeup off and cleansing the surface of the skin. Claire and I both love this oil, even though we have very different skin types.




Lush Herbalism Cleanser (Lush, about €8.50)

Next I use this little bad boy from Lush. I started using this about six months ago and it has stayed in my beauty arsenal ever since. This is quite a strange product for anyone who’s never used Lush cleansers. It comes in a tub and has a crumbly texture. Take a small lump in your hand, add a bit of water and watch it turn to a paste. I love this product for so many reasons. The smell is quite unique. It’s very earthy and…as the name might suggest, herbal, with nettle, rosemary and sage oil, among many other natural ingredients, which sooth and calm angry, irritable skin. It has tonnes of ingredients which cleanse the skin and remover grease, oil and dirt. It has a grainy texture which exfoliates but it’s also super gentle on the skin so it can be used daily. Herbalism leaves your skin really soft and feeling clean and fresh. It has definitely helped in the last few months to balance my skin. It’s really good value for the amount of product you get in the tub plus, you can bring back five empty Lush tubs and claim a free fresh face mask in return! Lush is a fantastic brand, using really caring and natural ingredients and manufacturing processes. I think a lot of people associate the brand with bath bombs and soaps but they do so much more so check them out! There are stores in Dublin, on College Green and Henry Street.




Doesn’t look the most appetising…

Clarisonic Mia (Brown Thomas, €149)

Lastly, if I’m feeling like giving my face the best clean of its life, I finish off with my best friend and love of my life (too much!?), my Clarisonic brush. I invested in this a year ago after much humming and hawing and tireless research. It was pretty pricey but I’m so glad I purchased it. It cleanses your skin like nothing else, supposedly 6 times better than manual cleansing. This really does give a deep clean. You can be assured that any makeup or dirt will be gone after using this (the real test of this is to follow with a cotton pad and cleansing water or toner. There’ll be nothing left on your face). Despite giving a really thorough, deep clean, the Clarisonic doesn’t dry your skin or leave it feeling tight like some cheaper facial brushes do. I don’t spend big bucks on my skincare products but I can vouch for this. It’s so worth the money. I bought the Deep Pore Decongesting set (€169) when I got mine. This is great for oily skin as it comes with products to specifically target open pores and oil. I highly recommend the Clarisonic for everyone – oily skin, dry skin, normal skin. It’s the business! Just look how happy it makes me!




Face Masks

I love a good face mask. It’s my favourite way to relax and unwind in the evenings and I always feel amazing after using them (is it all a placebo affect? Maybe, but it works!).

As I’ve mentioned, I don’t like to spend money on skincare because I find there are so many amazing ranges that are really affordable. I am, however, a sucker for the Glamglow range. I’ve tried a few of these and they’re all fantastic and worth the money. My favourite for oily, blemish prone skin, is Super Mud (, €52). It’s another great deep cleaning product. It dries very quickly on your face and you can actually see the areas where dirt and oil are coming out from…kinda gross but very brilliant!

Another great mask for open pores is the No7 Beautiful Skin Pore Vacuum Mask (not currently available on but available in store for around €18). This is a peel off mask which I enjoy (probably a bit too much) and, like the Glamglow, you can actually see the dirt from your pores when you peel it off. It’s great for your nose and oily T-zone area but can be used for anyone with blackheads around their nose or elsewhere.


This comes out like gorgeous green goo but works wonders on those pores!


Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean it doesn’t need moisture. Oily skin can still end up being dry and dehydrated so it’s important to find a moisturiser or face serum that are designed for oily skin. The moisturiser I’m using at the moment is another Lush product – Enzymion (Lush, around €18). This is a really lightweight, non-greasy face cream, made with lemon, aloe vera, cocoa butter, avocado oil and glycerine to sooth skin while not adding to oil levels. It doesn’t feel like it’s doing very much for moisturising because it’s so light but it’s exactly what you need if you’ve got oily skin. Leaves your skin feeling baby soft but nice and matte. I use it at night and during the day under my makeup. A little goes a long way with this so you’ll get months out of it.



What skin type do you have? If you’d like any more details on the products featured in this post or other products suitable for oily skin, just leave a comment below, on Facebook or Instagram.

Sara x


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  1. Hi Sara and Clare, any good but cheap tips on moisturizers for dry sensitive skin, keep up the good work, thanks a mill.


    1. Hi Paula. I have dry and sensitive skin too, and my favourite moisturisers to use on my face are the Lacura Expert Mimox X Day and Night Creams from Aldi. They are about a fiver each, and they’re quite thick but they absorb in quickly and leave my face feeling really hydrated. They’re FAR better than any of the expensive products I’ve tried! I also think the old-fashioned Nivea Creme is brilliant for dry and sensitive skin! Hope that helps, and thanks for your comment! Claire x

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