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The BeautyBlender is a makeup tool hailed as a cult product the world over, particularly by makeup artists and bloggers. So what is it about this little egg-shaped sponge that gets people so excited???


Blender 2


Let me start by saying that when I originally tried the BeautyBlender a few years ago, I categorically did not want to like it. At €20, I thought it was really expensive for a sponge, a majorly hyped product (the world and its mother were harping on about it), and to be honest, I expected it to fall way short of my expectations as most hyped and expensive products do for me! I expect products to really perform if they’re the talk of the town and I’m shelling out more than a few yoyos, only to have found that most are then ‘meh’ at best when I give them a go!


But I have to admit, I am a fully fledged BeautyBlender fanatic at this point! Try as I may to find fault and scoff at the €20 price tag, I can honestly say that it is 110% worth every penny and deserving of its cult status. I would go so far as to say that it is probably my top MUST-HAVE item in my makeup bag. I even have Sara (who was the ultimate skeptic about the BeautyBlender, and literally dragged her heels for years as I pestered her to try it) converted to a BeautyBlender devotee!


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As regular readers will know by now (and you have probably guessed from the name of the blog!), we are huge fans of a good dupe, so a question that comes up a lot is whether the dupes that are out there (there are SO many, but the Real Techniques is probably the most popular one). Having tried numerous alternatives, I can say with certainty that there is no close dupe for the BeautyBlender. While the Real Techniques version would absolutely be my recommendation for anyone on a tight budget at €7.99, if you have the €20 to spend then definitely go for the BeautyBlender.


I use it for a range of things; blending my foundation, applying and blending my concealer (particularly undereye) and overall just blending out my makeup (harsh contour lines etc.). It gives an airbrushed look to your makeup that I have yet to achieve with any other tool, and you actually need less product on your face than when you use brushes. I think this is because you are really pushing the product into your skin rather than moving it around like you do with a brush. You can use the BeautyBlender to apply your foundation, but I prefer to roughly apply with a dense kabuki/stippling brush and then blend it all in using a patting motion (I NEVER rub it over my skin, always patting and pressing motions).


In terms of how you use it, I prefer it damp as it becomes really bouncy to really push the product into the skin. I wet the BeautyBlender by running it under water while squeezing it, to allow the water get right into the sponge, and you’ll see the sponge expand as the water gets into it. I then squeeze out the excess before squeezing it in a piece of kitchen roll to make sure it is damp rather than wet.


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If you read our 2nd Paris post, you will have seen that I picked up the Mini BeautyBlenders in Sephora while there, because I love the original version so much. I thought they would be brilliant for getting right into the inner corner of my eye with my highlighting concealer and to get in around my eyes in general. Being honest, I am not as big a fan of these minis; they are nice and kind of useful, but you could definitely just use a BeautyBlender to do the same job and save yourself the €19 I paid for the minis! If you do want to give them a try, you can pick them up from Cult Beauty.


Mini blenderMini blender 2


In terms of durability, if you look after your BeautyBlender reasonably well, it will last AGES! I have had 2 (plus my minis!) since I started using the BeautyBlender about 5 years ago, and the 1st one only bit the dust because my boyfriend gouged a piece out of it while trying to grab it in a hurry off the counter to hand it to me (typical scenario…trying to get me out the door because we were running late!).


My final tip would be to invest in a good cleaner to keep your sponge clean. I say invest, but the amazing cleaner I use (which I mentioned in the Brush Cleaning post) is about €5 on eBay and lasts between 4-6 months! It’s called Daiso and here is a link to it again! Similar to brushes, they gather SERIOUS amounts of bacteria, so I clean mine every 2 days. It’s so quick to clean it and the Daiso gets it absolutely spotless so quickly that it’s no real trouble!




All in all, for me, a BeautyBlender is a must-have in any makeup bag, and one of the items I really couldn’t do without! Have you tried the BeautyBlender – what do you think? Or does the price put you off? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, on Facebook or on Instagram!

Claire x


You can get the BeautyBlender from Make Up Forever, priced at €20 or Cult Beauty for around €22.