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For almost all Irish girls fake tan is a vital part of the beauty regime regardless of the time of year. Most of us haven’t been blessed with sallow, glowing skin and thankfully, more of us are realising that getting a natural tan is really damaging for your skin – so we’re all hitting the bottle!


Regardless of your skintone and type, whether you prefer gradual or instant, oil or mousse, there is a tan for you! There are SO many tans on the market, so it’s all about figuring out what works for you shade and formula-wise. Find what suits you and gives you a natural glow, rather than just slapping on the darkest tan you can find regardless of your natural colouring!


As my skin can be dry to really dry depending on the weather and how busy/stressed I am, I find that certain tans can cling to the dry patches and some seem to dry it out even more! I’m relatively pale, but as my hair is quite dark, I like to have a bit of a tan most of the time.  I have high expectations when it comes to my fake tan – it has to look natural (I hate that orangey tint that some tans give…radioactive is never a good look!), it should last at least 4-5 days and wear off evenly with no patchiness.


So I have gone through countless tans and seen the good, bad and the ugly to bring you my top picks!


Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan Mousse Dark (€10.49, Boots)On sale for €6.99 in Boots at the moment!

We’ve mentioned this tan before, and it even featured in our first big giveaway a few weeks ago. There’s a reason it’s been a firm favourite since it launched a few months ago – it’s brilliant! From the lack of the dreaded fake tan smell and the instant hit of colour (it develops in just 1 hour!), to its longevity (it lasts 5-7 days on me), I love this tan. I apply 1-2 layers to get a lovely olive-y colour, and I have never once had an issue with streakiness or patchiness with this one. Both of us are massive fans of this one, and everyone who tries it seems to love it!

Tan 4

Babydoll Tan Goddess Dark Tanning Mousse (€9.99, Babydoll and selected pharmacies)

I love that this is an Irish brand, and the tan does not disappoint! You get quite a lot of product for your euros with this (200ml). My favourite thing about this tan is probably the smell – it smells of coconut and reminds me of summer, beaches and all that lovely stuff…DIVINE! Applying this tan honestly puts me in an instant good mood because of the lovely fragrance! It applies nice and dark, develops evenly and wears off really well for me. It lasts around 5 days, and I’ve consistently had a bottle of this at home ever since I first tried it…definitely one of my all-time favourites!
Tan 2

Autograph Self Tan Luxe Oil in Light to Medium (€17.99, Marks and Spencer (not available online)

Sara introduced me to this a while back, and as I’d never tried an oil formula before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But the oil formula is ideal for my dry skin, and makes it feel super silky and hydrated. It is only available in Light to Medium as far as I am aware, so it is a lighter colour than my other choices. With that said, if you have a lighter skintone, or if you are looking for a more subtle glow for daytime, this is gorgeous. The only thing I would point out is that it is a clear formula so take care to apply everywhere and avoid streaks – tans with instant colour are usually easier for tan rookies!

Tan 1 - Copy

Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs Spray in Medium Bronze (€7.95, Penneys and selected pharmacies)

Cocoa Brown is familiar to most of us ladies, having soared in popularity ever since its launch. It’s an Irish product by Marissa Carter, with many a celebrity fan, from Millie Mackintosh to Kylie Jenner and rightly so – it is fab! I absolutely swear by the Lovely Legs spray when I’m getting my legs out, as I have loads of old scars on my legs from various sporting injuries. It gives a gorgeous, natural colour, is foolproof to apply and it’s even waterproof so no streaks when you get rained on with our glorious Irish weather! It dries so quickly and once it’s on, it’s on – you really need to scrub it off for it to budge. I literally would never get my legs out without this on – it’s an essential!

Tan 3

Over the next week or so, we’ll be bringing you more on achieving the perfect fake tan, from preparing your skin to make sure it applies well and lasts, to products that maintain and prolong your fake glow. As always, let us know what tans you swear by, and if there are any products you’ve found disappointing.




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